Competition- & Internet Law

Competition- & Internet Law

Competition law creates clear rules for advertising and conduct in business dealings, e.g. on the Internet. In this context, we advise you, among other things, on safe corporate communication on your social media platform.

Viral marketing and, for example, the offer of sweepstakes, as well as the labeling of advertising must be legally compliant based on competition law. The limits of what is permissible are not always observed.

We help you to design and label your content in a legally compliant manner and represent you in and out of court in competition law claims against competitors.

Our range of services:

  • Advice on the design of advertising campaigns
  • Advice regarding your homepage or your webshop (e – commerce)
  • Representation in extrajudicial and judicial proceedings
  • Defense against warning letters
  • Advice regarding labeling obligations of advertising on social media platform
  • Advice on the admissibility of your business activities under competition law