Trademark law

Trademark law

We protect your trademark or your company name (corporate identity) on a national, european or international level and accompany you in all trademark law matters – from trademark registration, trademark monitoring to the enforcement of your trademark against third parties.

Our range of services

  • Trademark registration and renewal national and international
  • Trademark searches worldwide
  • Representation before trademark offices
  • Extrajudicial and judicial enforcement of trademark rights
  • Advice and drafting of license agreements
  • Strategy consulting
  • Trademark monitoring and portfolio management national and international

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Trademark registration

Trademark registration

You want to protect your trademark or your company name? We will file the trademark application for you, including examination of protectability and preparation of the list of goods and services, as well as an identity and similarity search upon request.

Your trademark registration in four steps

The individual time required for the attorney to perform these services depends on the individual sign and the hit rate of identical or similar signs. However, in order to give you the possibility of a fixed price and planning security, we offer the following trademark packages after an initial free assessment. If we determine in our initial assessment that a more time-intensive search is necessary for your mark in order to be able to offer you a final evaluation, we will offer you an individual, possibly different package.

Brand packages

Brand packages

Trademark application in Germany without additional services

€ 300,00 plus VAT

plus official fees 

Trademark application in Germany including examination of registrability and preparation of the list of goods and services

€ 490,00 plus VAT

plus official fees 

Trademark application in Germany including examination of registrability, preparation of list of goods and services and identity search

€ 690,00 plus VAT

plus official fees 

Trademark application in Germany including examination of registrability, preparation of list of goods and services, identity search, similarity search and company name search

€ 990,00 plus VAT

plus official fees

The trademark packages can also be used for the application of an european trademark with a surcharge per trademark package of € 100,00.

For the registration of an international trademark, I will be happy to put together an individual offer for you.


Trandemark law FAQs

All signs such as words (personal names, letters, slogans, numbers), images/logos or three-dimensional
designs as well as colors can be protected as trademarks, provided they are distinctive. Distinctiveness exists if
the sign is capable of distinguishing one’s own goods and services from those of other competitors.

The most common forms of trademarks are word marks (marks consisting of words only), figurative marks (marks consisting of figurative elements only) and word/figurative marks (marks consisting of figurative and literal elements).

The costs for a trademark application consist of the fees of the Trademark Office and the attorney fees. The official fees depend on the scope of protection, namely on the number of classes of goods and services. The official fees for a German trademark application are € 290.00 for up to 3 classes, each additional class costs € 100.00. The official fees for a European trademark application are € 850.00 for the first class, the second class costs € 50.00 and each additional class costs € 150.00. We will be happy to summarize the total costs that you will incur in your case in an individual offer.

The registration of a trademark is the first step towards the creation of a corporate identity and should develop into your flagship in the long run, which distinguishes you from competitors. Registering your trademark grants you the right to prohibit competitors from using an identical or similar sign and thus protects you from imitators.

A German trademark is protected for 10 years from the filing date. This protection can be extended as often as desired for another 10 years.