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3 Tips for a successful start as a founder 

1.) Invest in a professional website.

Your website is the flagship of your company and leaves a first impression on your potential customers. This first impression is usually irreparable. If you have a professional website, this usually indicates that you and your products/services are serious and reliable.

2.) A well thought-out marketing strategy is irreplaceable.

At the beginning of your self-employment, you will spend most of your time gaining new customers. The longer you need to do this, the more likely you are to deplete your financial reserves. Therefore, even before you start your business, plan which marketing measures you want to use and try out different marketing tools, especially at the beginning, in order to be able to determine the marketing channel(s) that work best for you after an evaluation.

3.)  Brand strategy & the formation of your corporate identity.

A creative name or logo will represent your company to the outside world and you will reach your target audience faster with a confident appearance. Take your time with this process and be creative. In the best case, your brand will accompany you for the next years and develop into a quality feature for your goods/services. Remember to protect your name or brand at an early stage so that your competitors don’t beat you to it.

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